Treasure! WPhotoC

It’s uncanny how the sight of two totally different photos can inspire enough to take on a challenge. Yep, this week’s WordPress theme by Krista is based on a simple image. An image of love, to be treasured for ever by her.

I think, when you go look at her image you’ll enjoy the rich simplicity.

The second image I’m on about is a photo adapted by my GLW. The Valentine’s full moon perfectly framed. Only thing, I didn’t know my good lady had done the adaption until I saw her posting on the book of faces. You can understand then, when I opened Krista’s challenge, that the striking similarity caught my attention!

I’ll leave you with the good lady’s Valentine’s moon celebration… and a thought… the next full moon on February 14 will be in 19 years. I hope you enjoyed this year’s. Now, there’s a memory to treasure!

Valentine's Moon 2014


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  5. This is just great!


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