Double Dose – Frendship Friday – Ditty Day!

This week I’m returning to Cork… well, metaphorically speaking, that is. The reason? To tell you a little about Joan and to give you her 3 answers to the questions I asked of a bevy of Irish Beauties. Joan and I have something more than Ireland in common. The good lady has spent time in Southern Africa so she knows the beauty of an African sunset along the mighty Zambezi.

I’m tempted to nick one of her photos… ah, I’ll just do it. I invite you to click here to visit her blog… you can enjoy all her tales of travels at your own leisure.

So… on to the Q&A…

  • If you won a sizable lotto prize (around €10 M) what would be the first 3 things you do or buy?

If I won a sizeable lotto prize, the first 3 things would be to give money to all my family members and close friends, I would buy a bigger house with a big garden, and diamond jewellery!

  • If you never won any money but there was one destination on the planet that you really wanted to see, even if it took 3 years to save for, where would that destination be? (One month’s travel allowed)

I would really like to go to a place I have never been – the Greek islands, which I hear are fantastic.

  • Name a local charity close to your heart and how you think you could assist in some way. (Please feel free to include a link)

One of the local charities that do great work are the St. Vincent de Paul, now struggling to look after all the people who come looking for help.

Before I venture to the ditty of the week I’ll leave you with Joan’s passing comment…

Hope this is enough to get you going on your quest to understand Irish women!!

… no, there can never be a path to understanding women… let alone Irish women!!

Joan's Zambezi!

OK… time for this week’s ditty…

The End of WW8!

And so another week has sped by,
Leaving in its wake stormy wind
How we wish for the warmth of July
When oh when, will winter rescind?
It matters little what we yearn or wish
There’s zero to do about Atlantic storms
We’ll just have to eat out of Nature’s dish
And hope the heating at top-level performs
Let’s hope the weekend will allow some play
A birthday celebration, or maybe even three?
No use whingeing or whining… day after day!
Let’s ask Mother Nature a little kinder to be?
Be grateful the sun has risen another week
Eventually spring will find our garden gate
As happiness and cheer we continue to seek
At the end of a successful workweek eight!

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  1. joanfrankham says:

    Thank you so much for the very nice post.


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