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As I don’t follow the insightful “better blogging” series offered on WordPress too often I’m usually caught short when they then post a challenge based on one or more of the articles they have recently posted. So, I’m usually tempted to cry wolf and look in another direction for tomorrow’s post. The same this time. Only, Michelle’s first photo so reminded me of our great evening at the Stereophonics concert last year that I went there for a look-see.

Kelly Jones and Co... Dublin's O2 Arena 2103

However, instead of looking in the October 2013 folder I opened the 2012 kist and while scrolling the Dublin’s Famine Statues along Custom House Quay crossed my line of sight. Yes, I know I’ve used a few of the images before…

My quest for the perfect three continued… still in October, but this time really in 2013. But wait… I’m on roll now… Kelly Jones a little closer first…

Stereophonics... FUN!!

I ask… how better to do the three up… yep, I’m rather weary of threes in a sentence… imagine using the word 3-some in this environment… durty, some may say… fun? Others may ask… oh well, such is the nature of human nature… 

OK… back to October 2103… spot the 3 here…

To end… three down… Kelly Jones at his best…

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9 Responses to Threes – WPhotoC

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  2. K.Z. says:

    loved this post. and the statues… wow.. oddly chilling.


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  7. Iñigo Boy says:

    The statues kinda scary 😀
    My favorite is the skydiver shot 🙂


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