Reading the Signs aka… Actually…

Actually… “Sign reading 101” as our friends from the good ol’ US of A would likely be prone to say. “Sign Reading for Beginners”… that may be the UK equivalent… or, why not use the universal title?

Sign Reading for Dummies?

Where, oh where, am I going with this line of attack? I don’t know… or, maybe I have an idea but I’m just having a tad of fun while dragging you along.

I’m from the bad lands of Southern Africa. There, if you didn’t follow sign you may well end up on the elephant football field… or, a tasty morsel for a lion pride. Imagine walking along a hippo path… or strolling beneath a mamba canopy… or… or.. or?

Imagine! Reading sign… walk left if the buffalo is walking right… don’t walk when herds of zebra are chasing the first spring rain. Don’t.

So… a lad from Africa is always looking for sign… and, if I’m quite honest, sign can be interpreted in almost any way. Some days it ‘s fun to read sign… like when I stepped onto Howth’s Claremount Beach…

Please read!!

Yep… I can live with the sentiment. There’s usually a reason why local authorities place signs of this nature… to discourage the hooligan element.

However, not meters away I found the first set of stairs leading down to the sandy pleasure strip. Lo and behold, I looked down to be rewarded by this photo.

Signs in the sand??

The high tide must have left the plastic glasses high and dry at the foot of the stairs. Now, me looking at sign from all sides immediately noticed the smear of red on the righthand glass. Thoughts of half sozzled romantic cavorting on the damp sand sprang to mind. Well, what would you make of the sign?  Then, only meters further, above the high water mark, I discovered the next sign.

OK, they must have been around long enough to have sufficient light to do such fine artwork. Now, that leads to all sorts of other images… dishevelled, hairdo in a mess… dress askew… tie around the head as a decoration… shirt tails flapping lazily in the breeze and the suit jacket totally ruined from being used as the picnic rug…

Sandblasted signs... love lost, or found! Read the sign!

Young love in all its glory! Dare I ask if the fizzy stuff supped from plastic glasses led to dalliance?

So? Was the ending happy? Was our Valentine successful? Will the world be blessed in about 8.75 months with more sign? Who knows?

PS – Have another look at the righthand glass… you’ll catch a glimpse of a mini-me photographer. I’ve heard of ships in the bottle… now we have me on the glass.

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