To The Future – Have Fun… Do Better!!

So, here’s the deal. I’ve decided that blogging must come to a slow, painless halt. No… not completely. This day is the beginning of year four and as I still want to keep going I have prepared a few week’s worth of posts. Yes, come to think of it… a new target of five years daily blogging doesn’t seem that unrealistic if you consider I’ve just scraped past the 60% mark.

Ok, what I’ll do is keep posting the weekly ditty on a Friday… I think after a year it will make for an interesting review of how the year filled out. I will also continue doing the odd challenge on a weekend… for the fun of it. Mostly though, the time saved will be spent writing. I’ve eventually taken the steps toward bettering my writing skills by embarking on a formal online course.

I am now a registered learner with the Writers Bureau. My first assignment has winged its way across the Irish Sea… via cyber plane, that is. Or, could it have gone under the sea? Cyber submarine? Whatever…

Anyway, there is much promise on the cards. As I’ve mentioned quite a few times, this year I have made the year that I stop talking about things and DO them! I’ll remind you of my motto for the year…

Have Fun… Do Better!!

Mind you, I still haven’t made up my mind, should that be

Have Fun… Be Better?

Liffey sunset. The Famine replica ship the Jeanie Johnston on Custom House Quay, Dublin, Ireland

The photo? Liffey sunset. The Famine Ship replica Jeanie Johnston moored along Custom House Quay, Dublin, Ireland. The photo is part of one of my favorite serendipity shoots, so why not begin year four with an old friend?

PS – I’ve had good feedback for my first assignment… I believe I’m onto a winner here!!

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2 Responses to To The Future – Have Fun… Do Better!!

  1. joanfrankham says:

    Here’s wishing you good progress, I am sure you will be an A + student.


  2. de Wets Wild says:

    Alle voorspoed AJ Vosse!


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