The Week That Was – St Patrick’s Day Aftermath

There you have it… the week that threw St Patrick’s Day at us had more ups and downs than some would have liked, me included. It’s always a bit of a schlep to get back on the Tuesday after a bank holiday weekend and then to play catch up. But hey, who’s complaining… it’s almost weekend, again!

Talking of weekend, before I leave you with this week’s ditty, today’s pic is of a St Patrick’s Day parade reveller in our local village. This rather colourful character wasn’t too easy to snap… mostly because it wanted to eat me every time I ventured closer for a better pic…

The End of WW12

Workweek twelve began with all sorts of frolicking fun
That was even before the passing of the noonday’s sun
St Patrick’s Day parades all over Ireland had to be run
Mind you, 4 leaf clover magic across the world was spun
After the parades’ fun and games we need some rest
That’s not on, we have to continue our working quest
Keeping at it, always trying more than our utter best
With energy levels low, in need of a good dose of zest
The week dragged on… and on… and on at snail’s pace
Week 12’s days dragged by… most definitely not a race
Weather turning foul, strong winds and rain in the face
Yet in hope we’re still in pursuit of spring’s warm grace
There you have it, all the joys of the special WW twelve
The weather may cause a rethink, plans we may shelve
Hope the spring will all our blues with warm balm salve
And we then into more happy pursuits can merrily delve

Paddy's day mascot... Kilcock style...

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