That “Effin” Bridge…

Train windows aren’t great filters, occasionally one manages to get a reasonable photo through the dirty screen… like this pic of that “Effin” Bridge. The bridge was so named by a very irate skipper who wanted to take his craft up the newly reopened Royal Canal… only to be thwarted by almost the first obstacle along the waterway. He was rumoured to say something along these lines…

“When will that effin bridge lift?”

Lift? Yes, it’s a rail bridge that’s controlled by the rail authorities. They have a firm claw of control on the Royal Canal’s boat movement. The bridge only lifts when they want it to lift… a shame really. If I had may way I’d operate it a lot more frequently… charge a minimal toll and dish out photos of folk passing by…

That "Effin" Bridge, Royal Canal, Dublin, Ireland... note Croke Park in the background...

The photo was taken from the train while crossing the rail bridge over Spencer Dock… the bar across the pic was part of the scaffolding in place during repair works… sorry, that I can’t account for. That strange looking place in the background is Croke Park… the 80 000+ seat stadium where Irish sport lives… and where the odd Irish band is allowed to play… oh, least you blame me of being biased… some fella named Garth has sold out 5 shows at the venue. Some boost to Irish culture… I rest my case…

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