September Sunset

This photo was taken by Junior Son while I was driving. He loves doing that… the lad has talent, I often say. September sunset in Ireland… through the car’s windscreen… not bad lad, you need to practice a bit more often!

Summer sunset through the car's windscreen... Co Meath, Ireland

Aha… some of you thought I missed this week’s end of the workweek ditty. Surprise… I slipped it into today’s post! Have fun, don’t do what I wouldn’t…

The End of WW13

There are days when one sits and wonders why
The days just seem to relentlessly shoot on by
Time waits for no man, indeed that’s our cry
Yes, a quarter of this year has just lashed by
Should we occasionally wonder what it’s about?
No rhyme or reason, we at the elements shout
Winter continues to give spring clout after clout
Still… that should be no reason for us to pout
It’s month end and WW13 is also now in the past
Let’s forget the cold and rain and have a blast
April’s Fool’s Day is rushing at us rather fast
Let the summer arrive and long may it last!

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1 Response to September Sunset

  1. Sallyann says:

    Not bad at all Junior Son, nice catch. 🙂


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