Lest I…

C’est la vie mon amour mon cheri…

That’s how I ended last year’s post on this day. Ok, there’s obviously a theme here. Yep, it’s that day of the year that men tend to forget to make mention of. When that happens women tend to have a few extra missiles added to their arsenals.

Day? What day? Anniversary day… dare forget it, just like I did many years ago. I did it so well I forgot two in a row. You also amazed I’m still in one piece? No, not really. My Great Lady has learned to forgive… even though she often finds it difficult to forget!

So my Dear Great One… have fun, I hope you have fun on this our day… yes, it’s been worth every hour of every day this last year… thank’s again for putting up with my quirks! Love you and hope the next year is even better!! Last year I left you a bouquet of flowers… so, why not again?


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2 Responses to Lest I…

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  2. Sallyann says:

    Congrats. 😀
    And here’s to the next year and many more.


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