Glow – Ailsa’s WTT

It’s been quite some time since I’ve taken on one of Ailsa’s weekly challenges. When I laid eyes on this theme I thought of one specific photo… the one I’ll begin with today. I recalled the evening, a walk from work to the station, the light… YJ kindly consented for the shot. I took a few but this messing one really does the glow bit for me…

YJ glowing... Dublin's Convention Center...

I had a vague idea where to go looking for the photo but man, did I have fun searching through the November 2012 folder. There must be sufficient pics to fit the bill and fill about 5 galleries. The area around the Bord Gais Theater, the still winter’s evening really allow for great reflection shots…

November Grand Canal Dock glows...

Then there were evenings when you see strange sights. This pic was taken when I was still working in town. The building? The tallest commercial building in Dublin, Google Docks. As is with Google… they have Friday evening wind down events for the staff. This was an ice themed party, yep… those are igloos on the 11th floor terrace…

The glow of ice tents and igloos... Google Docks on a winter's evening...

Pretty glows aren’t they all? I’d think there were one or two pics that may get raise an eyebrow or three… however, no self-respecting Saffer could ever pass by the glow of a braai. Sorry vegans… I just have to add a wee taste of the real glow!

Juicy glow... steak on the coals!! Lekker!!

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2 Responses to Glow – Ailsa’s WTT

  1. ailsapm says:

    Gorgeous, AJ, and definitely worthy of glowing praise 🙂


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