The Magazine Fort – Phoenix Park

Phoenix park offers much to the visitor. There are interesting buildings to be seen. One such structure is the Magazine Fort located on higher ground in the southeast portion of the park. It seems the fort was built as a statement at the time of construction in mid 1730. Johnathan Swift, he of Gulliver’s Travels fame, was to have penned this ditty as commentary…

“Now’s here’s a proof of Irish sense
Here Irish wit is seen
When nothing’s left that’s worth defence,
We build a Magazine.”

Truly a man of wise mirth! Anyway, I’ve yet to visit inside but that doesn’t prevent me from placing a photo of what seems one of the hexagonal lookout turrets found on the four opposing corners of the fort. Click here to see more from the Abandoned Ireland site. OK, I know you’re wondering why I’ve never visited… I can’t answer but I will definitely pass closer by next time I’m in the area…

One of the hexagonal turrets of Magazine Fort, Phoenix Park, Dublin Ireland

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1 Response to The Magazine Fort – Phoenix Park

  1. manty67 says:

    I have fond memories of Phoenix Park, started learning to drive there back in the day 🙂 thanks for sharing


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