Happy Mayday!!

Happy Mayday… for whatever that’s worth. I don’t get how we, in capitalist countries, have bank holidays to celebrate a tradition that’s based on socialist doctrine. I can’t seem to align my thought processes to grasp the need to stand together with a motley assortment of individuals, who are typically forced to pay union membership… and then they’re told that today is the day of the worker… make noise!

More strife and ill-will has been caused or agitated across the globe by the leftist leaders than we’ll ever have time to get to grips with… so, I say, up all enforced labour movements… up socialism… and for that matter, up communism and the evil spawn that it has inflicted on human kind!

OK, I’ll move on… do enjoy your day, whatever you may feel about the sad affair. I’ll tell you what, I’ll rather leave you with something that reminds of what the place should look like… bright, capitalist style…

Dublin, Ireland... full moon over the Liffey, The Samuel Beckett Bridge and the Convention Center... bright and cheerful!

No, before you tear into me… I know there are problems in free democracies practicing capitalist principles. When things go wrong it’s usually because the principles of right and wrong have been corrupted… by avarice and the perversion of power.

I’m a pragmatic realist… there’s a subtle difference between the systems… typically, in socialist or communist society the punishment is harsh… at least in the capitalist world you usually get to keep your head… and fingers… and other extremities… as well as most of your dignity!

Satis dictum…

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