Close – Up… Ailsa’s WTT

You know, sometimes we set off to do something one way and before we even hit a single key on the board something happens to change the approach we were planning.

I was reading a few comments to Ailsa’s close-up challenge this week when I noticed Jenny A’s comment. Something about no longer living on her beloved island of Sardinia. The half brick dropped… I realised I’d not seen any blogging activity from Jennifer for quite a while. Back in Canada… the Great White North, as she calls it… because of the lingering effects of the economic crisis in Europe.

How on earth would the two topics cross paths? Easy, Jennifer has on more than one occasion supplied inspiration for blog posts of mine. So, Lady Sardinia, I’ll begin with a close-up specifically taken for one of those posts. Remember your how to make tomato sauce like an Italian? Well, here’s a few of the ingredients I used…

Closeup... of what? Inspiration to do things others have perfected!

While I was hunting for the photo I stumbled on another close-up that has worth… well, at least I can say I did a copycat of one of Ailsa’s pics…

Chapter 2 of Ailsa's WTT book? Maybe!

Still in the October 13 folder I found another likely close-up along Ailsa’s challenge lines. How about this one? The fungi from beneath. Not quite but I must confess, the idea of taking a lowdown close-up resulted in me going off to find an old bit of carpet to lay on to prevent getting a soaked full frontal…

Wet close-up... tempting?

Don’t you just enjoy the little fella’s? Shiny tips and all. Ok… before you accuse me of misleading you, I’ll keep it organic and clean. How about a close-up of a fly? Yep… why not?

Macro of a fly! Dragon fly! ;-)

Got you there? I thought I heard a few of you say, yuk, a fly??

Before I say enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend… thank you to the two ladies who have inspired many fine thoughts and posts… long may you keep stimulating our creativity!

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5 Responses to Close – Up… Ailsa’s WTT

  1. wildsherkin says:

    The fungi are humungi…😊


  2. Thank you so much for the lovely mention! I’m glad the tomato sauce worked out for you!


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