Drive By Shooting…

This weekend gone by I made some time to visit the blogs of many of the regulars who visit OMBH even though I’m rude and don’t reciprocate half as often as I should. Reading one of antilandscaper’s post resulted in a twofold reaction. First… it resulted in this post.

The specific post of ‘Anti’ shared a photo of a pink church he’d taken while a passenger in the car. I too, often a passenger in our family car. If I’m going anywhere with the GLW she always drives and if Granddad accompanies then I turn into a backseat navigator… and happy snapper.

‘Anti’ also shares that often we miss the special sights on our own doorsteps… so, I’ll show you a happy drive-by shooting from not too long ago. The Kilcock Tidy Towns as well and the Kildare County Council have really made entering the village in spring a pleasure… the daffodils lining a few of the routes are really becoming a sight for sore eyes.

On this specific day I was trying to get a few photos that didn’t have roadway or lamp poles in the shots… at 50 K’s per hour it’s a bit of a gamble. However… one was almost perfect… capturing the town’s name board among the sea of colour…

Welcome... to spring in Kilcock!

The sign is in need of some attention so I’ll show you another pic of the blooms in action. Imagine seeing this on both sides of the road for quite a few hundred meters…

Spring in Kilcock... stunny display of daffodils on the road into the village..

Earlier I mentioned two results to ‘Anti’s’ post. Yep, the second will be that I keep on with this line of thought for a few weeks… doing post’s based on the ideas generated by reading the posts of regular visitors to OMBH.

Thanks ‘Anti’… you’ve inspired a few good thoughts!

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