Dreams of Cork…

Joan lives in an Irish county we have yet to visit. Her mention of the fickle Irish weather and seeing some of her images of a County Cork beach reminded me of a cold December trip I made to the Wicklow town of Bray. I’m always amazed at what one can find washed up on a beach…

Ma... where's me other Wellie??

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say you can’t judge a harbour (or the weather) by just a pic of a child’s Wellie among the seaweed… so, this was the view I enjoyed while standing at the spot where the Wellie photo was taken…

A cold Decembed view out through the Bray harbour entrance... the chilly Irish Sea awaits...

I think you’ll agree when I say it looks chilly… however, it wasn’t all grey and gloom… at times there was blue to be seen… thankfully! (Taken from the same spot as before… just turned left about 90 degrees…)

Bray Harbour... a chilly December view...

I’m fortunate that there are a few Irish ladies who inspire posts… tomorrow it will be the turn of boats… do visit to see where that idea originated…

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1 Response to Dreams of Cork…

  1. joanfrankham says:

    Thanks for the mention AJ, it’s high time you visited!


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