Rivers – Ailsa’s WTT

This week Ailsa mentions Dublin’s Liffey but then forgets to show you the river. That’s not negligence, it’s just that her thoughts went in another direction. My thoughts came from a different place so let’s see if our collective thought can cross?

When last have you flown low level along the mighty Zambezi or fished in Orange River, SA’s longest and largest artery? Walked the dry riverbed Limpopo in winter? Swam in the Olifants or Sundays? Saw the Tugela in flood? Southern Africa has many rivers which all stir memories but alas, I will most likely only have to live with the images in my mind as camera’s were luxury items in the days when I lived those memories.

So… that’s how my line of thought crosses Ailsa’s… all along Dublin’s Liffey. It’ not a massive river by any standards but if the myths (Guinness made with Liffey water) are to be believed it has flowed through many millions of folk through the centuries. Mind you… it’s still flowing today, not only here in Ireland but all around the world where Guinness is exported! I could show you a few Guinness trucks driving off to the harbour but let me rather begin with a bit of Dublin wall art that captures the essence of it all…

Wall art dedicated to The Liffey, Dublin Ireland

OK, so if you don’t believe me about the black brew going for export by the truckload then here’s the proof… a tanker posing with the wall art in the background.

Guinness truck and wall art, Dublin, Ireland

That’s it… 2 photos and no sign of the river. I’ll have to rectify that rather quickly. History tells us that the river played an important part in the lives of countless thousands in the past. Custom House Quay was the departure point for many folk during the dark days of the Famine. Today, the replica famine ship the Jeanie Johnston is moored at the point of departure for so many of those fleeing the famine…

The famine ship replica Jeanie Johnston moored at Custom House Quay, Dublin, Ireland

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5 Responses to Rivers – Ailsa’s WTT

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  2. katpegimana says:

    Hi there, here’s a tribute to the Liffey and Guinness 🙂



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  4. joanfrankham says:

    what a fabulous shot of the Liffey and the Jeanie Johnston!


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