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So just when does a blossom become a flower? Or a bloom? Or… when does a bloom become a blossom.. or flower? I don’t know or maybe I don’t care. Beauty is often so short-lived that if we only associate it with a certain season then we may miss its real value.

OK… I’ll stop being nerdy philosophical. Ailsa’s challenge for this week is blossom. That means hunt in the archives of things cherry, apple, peach… plum… apricot. Pear? Mr Whoever told me in junior school that deciduous trees bear blossoms. So what Mr What’s-Your-Name? So what?

After reading Ailsa’s post I planned a thorough trawl of the archives… then I was sidetracked and on a whim took a few flower pics. Only, when I uploaded them I realised I’d managed a few pics that may just have a bit of merit…

Velvety blossom!

Royal velvet anyone? Like regal gowns, this beauty is short-lived. Unlike regal dress, this beauty will surely return year after year for longer than we’ll be around to see…

Pretty yellow... with wihiskers?

How about bright yellow cat’s whiskers? This happy little face shouts spring…

Purple passion?

More contrast? Regal rags? Blossoms, blooms… they’re all seasonal so I’m sticking with my tale. Last but not least… the fading light made me change settings so you may well imagine my delight when I cropped this pic and realised I had a banner photo that could join Ailsa’s as headers. Tops of the blooming floral pleasure!


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4 Responses to Blossom… Bloom… Flower? – Ailsa’s WTT

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  3. CrazyGuyinThailand says:

    Outstanding pics.


  4. sueslaght says:

    Such a rich color and collection.


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