Anyone For Tennis??

No? Cricket? YES!! Cricket in the park. Yep, I’ve been prattling on about Marlay Park for days. I’ve mentioned Saturday’s game but as I have the other blog specifically dedicated to that great endeavour I seldomly place any cricket related posts here at OMBH. Well, today I’ll make an exception… mainly to promote the sport to the whole wide world.

OK, I know you’ll be thinking all I’m really trying to do is promote my other blog… well, maybe you’re far from the mark. I mean… how could I be promoting a sport to a worldwide audience by posting a pic of the lads doing the happy jig? Easy… when last have you seen grown men celebrate so serenely? That after getting one of the opposition out… sending him on his un-merry way… with a touch of class.

To the uninformed onlooker it must look like a cross between a group session of sword dancing, without the evil weapons and tiptoe tango. You may be right in thinking the lads are a tad touched… well, don’t let them find out you think they’re a tad touched… you’ll likely to hurt their sensitive feelings! Then, on the other hand… maybe the sun got to them. Oh, before I forget… here’s the link to the cricket blog… for the discerning sports fan!

Celebrating in Marlay Park

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