The Race – Stage 8 of the An Post Rás

On Sunday past I was in the right place at the right time, for once. Well, sort of. We were out near Balbriggan watching the cricket when a commotion was heard and seen passing the ground. Bikes and cars with lights flashing and hooters hooting… the cavalcade was not far behind.

So, what was the occasion? The eight and final stage of this year’s An Post Rás… the national annual flagship cycling event. I couldn’t quite work out what was happening but on Monday JM, an avid fan and all together knowledgeable friend at work, enlightened me. The first group of cyclists to pass were part of the charity race. These folk set off at least 2 hours before the main race gets underway and then the main race has them to catch… well, sort of like hounds and hares.

Sunday’s stage was 134.3 kilometers long and the photos were taken at about the 95 km mark. The first shot was taken at 12h52… the charity group leaders having their own fun…

The vanguard - the leaders of the charity pack...

The second charity group at 12h55

The charity bunch...

Then came the lads… look at the smiles on them… no stress, I wonder why… (taken at 13h01)

Happy lads having their own race!

At 14h12 the lead sprinters of the main event passed the point so, by my calculations, they’d made up at least 40 minutes on the charity leaders… some pedaling in less than 100 kms!

An Post Rás 2014, Stage 8 at about the 95klm mark

A closer look… see if you can spot any numbers…

Spot any numbers? Looks like one of the GB team with the red, blue and white...

And here come the leaders of the peloton a full 4 minutes later… racing hard, trying to catch the leaders… I wonder did they manage to catch the 3 lads and their tractors?

PS – The race passed our house before 11 am so, if we’d known what was going on the GLW could have had a few pics to add! Oh well we live and learn.

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9 Responses to The Race – Stage 8 of the An Post Rás

  1. says:

    Looks like perfect positioning AJ !


    • aj vosse says:

      Serendipity plays an important part in my life!! 😉


      • says:

        All of our lives I think ?


        • aj vosse says:

          Only if we choose… 😉


          • says:

            Can we really choose serendipity ?


            • aj vosse says:

              Yes… if we don’t believe in fate, chance, karma… if we choose to accept the accidental happy outcomes of what life throws in our path… now I’m loosing the plot! Am I?? 😉


              • says:

                No I think we are both talking about the same thing. Serendipity is luck but sometimes refried to as karma or kismet or destiny. I do think that we can choose our own path in many cases ! You chose to be at the head of the race so it twas not luck 🙂


                • aj vosse says:

                  No, serendipity is not luck!! Serendipity is the happy outcome of an unplanned action… oh well, we can debate endlessly… no luck involved! 🙂


                  • says:

                    I didn’t think it was luck either so I opened and heres what it said:

                    1) An aptitude for making desirable discoveries
                    2) good fortune; luck

                    ANYWAY NICE WORK 🙂


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