The Success of Failure

Those of you who follow this blog will know I’ve done a number of posts in the last year or so about the joys of management and the resultant fun in the workplace. Inspiration for the posts come from real life experiences and also articles read in the news as well as the great material LinkedIn provides.

However, the more I experience and read the more I realise there are more ways than one to de-gown the proverbial cat, when it comes to dealing with the issues created by faulty work structures. Thinking on the imponderables has led to this post and could lead to more in the future.

The Success of Failure.

The concept has me wondering. Fail to succeed? How does one accomplish that in the modern workplace? Failure has so many negative connotations that it is rather difficult to accept that there can be anything good resulting from the malaise. Fail and you’re out, fail and you’re docked pay or you lose seniority or status. Fail and you’re marginalised. Fail and you may land up on the other side of the country, or planet, as your future’s planning plummets down the elevator shaft in formation with your tarnished merit assessment. Fail and you’re shifted sideways which often means landing that poison chalice of a job that no one volunteers for.

However, why don’t we sit back for a moment or two… as difficult as it may seem. The pain of rejection or failure aren’t easy to cope with yet we’ll find ways of managing the pain, if we resolve to do something positive about the situation.

Sit back, do a little introspection, take stock and maybe we’ll realise that we may well have been released from the drudgery of a role that was going nowhere. Just occasionally the poison chalice will be our triumphant cup. We’ll realise that our talents are well suited to growing and developing when we’re faced with adversity.

Think for yourself, how many highly successful entrepreneurs needed that failure to develop new ideas and grow creatively. How many times have failed experiments or experiences led to new discoveries? How often has getting up off the floor after a knockdown not resulted in stronger resolve to win?

I firmly believe things that happen which are out of our control are just that… out of our control. Our pain at the results of these happenings should not result in our stagnation. On the other hand, pain resulting from our own bad choices should cause reflection and hopefully the resultant personal growth will lead to better results in the future.

Ultimately, what am I driving at? Deliberate failure? No, heaven forbid! We should endeavour to manage our hurt and pain when we fail. We should learn and grow and next time the work situation (or life) asks difficult questions that lead to stumbles we will be better prepared… or, we may have moved so far in a positive direction that failure is no longer part of the equation for a given set of circumstances. Turn failure into success, that should be our desire, in the workplace and in life!

Drenched but not done!!

Even when life or circumstance rains on our parade there is still life left to fight another day… and beauty, if we’re willing to look!

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3 Responses to The Success of Failure

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  2. says:

    This post resonated with me on so many levels.


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks for that! Yes, I do believe we have exchanged the odd comment about bad management and the effects it has on folk! Thanks for reading! 😉


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