Cities – Ailsa’s WTT

And Dublin? Maybe she’s a teen trying her best to copy the glamour and glitz of her bigger (and better) rivals across 2 ponds. She’s got spots on the chin and scraggly hair… her attempts at make up are a little smeared and amateurish… she dresses funny yet everyone seems to love her and want a bit of her!

This is my comment left on Ailsa’s travel theme challenge this week. Cities. Yep, Ailsa shows us a few and ends her post with a few quotes about cities, their sex, age and personality. Only thing, Ailsa forgets to show Dublin so I’ll do that on her behalf. No, not all of Dublin, that would take years to do. Ailsa only gives glimpses of the cities yet you feel you’re there.

I did a quick dash into the city yesterday. Quick is the operative term Left Kilcock at about 11h25… into Connolly station… off the train, quick fast frog march to the camera store to collect a wee lens, back to the station and onto the 13h05 to head back to Kilcock. The rush? The lads were play cricket at the club and I needed to try the new lens.

However, you may wonder what that has to do with today’s post. Well, as I was trotting along I thought it could be a good idea to take pics as I went… Dublin as seen on a 20 odd minute walk… the young teenager, freckles and all. So, here’s a wee gallery… you do the i-mapping, Connolly Station to lower Grafton Street and back again… actually, I tell porkies… the pics are the results of the return walk…

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6 Responses to Cities – Ailsa’s WTT

  1. sueslaght says:

    Thanks for the fabulous tour!


  2. “Wills Woodbines?” My dad used to smoke those until the doctor told him to give up, or he’d be dead before he reached forty. He made it to 83. 🙂 Enjoyed your pics very much, aj.


  3. livvy30 says:

    So nice to see people enjoying the sun!


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