The Attack of the Bombers!

Don’t you just love uploading your photos to discover some are wrecked. Not blurred, not under exposed. The colours are quite good, considering the pics were taken well after the bewitching hour had passed by, the composition needs a little work but again… late nights have an effect on the thought processes of the photographer, especially when it happens to be the groom.

Another ruined photo... thanks to the bombers!

However, when photos are ruined because the bombers have struck there’s only one thing to do… get revenge! Expose the evil deeds… don’t let them get by unpunished! Just don’t. So, I hope half the northern hemisphere gets to see the vile deeds of the Comrade and the Petrol Head! Mind you, I hope half the southern hemisphere also manage to see and condemn the travesty…

Look at the approaching danger from the left!! The Reds are upon us!!

If you were wondering who took the lower pic as the groom is firmly centered in shot… the GLW stepped in for the occasion… and then the bomber struck… again!

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