Unexpected – Ailsa’s WTT

I wonder what you’d say when you see the one simple photo I have for you this week? Will I cause an unexpected response? I surely hope I do! Anyway, I’m sure you’ll agree that rescuing a baby bird from the family cat’s mouth could be considered an unexpected event in any household.

So, why not do the unexpected with Ailsa’s challenge and give you this unexpected interpretation of said challenge? The GLW did want most mothers on the planet would do… she interfered with Mother Nature, so I’m wondering if we should call her Mother Nurture or more likely… the hand that rocks the cradle!

Mother Nurture or the hand that rocks the cradle?? ;-)

If you’re wondering… it’s a baby robin. Don’t you just love the hairdo?

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9 Responses to Unexpected – Ailsa’s WTT

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  2. seeker says:

    What happened with the Mother bird?


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