Extra, Extra… Extra? WPhotoC

Well, obviously Miss Serendipity threw me a biggie for the Friday that was the thirteenth! Just to prove it is indeed a lucky day… cats, ladders and all! Imagine the challenge arriving, Michelle asking us to post a photo with that something extra. In her case she posted a pic with the something extra being a cat… slowly creeping up on two chatting friends.

In my case, I’m going to include a pic from a series I took on Monday gone by. I used a few of the other photos in the week but I have a more than a faint suspicion not many folk actually noticed the cat! So, to give our pet the due respect he deserves, he can again feature… among the birds. Don’t know though, were they friends?

The cat, the magpie and the pheasant!

As I explained earlier in the week… the pics were taken through the kitchen window… holding the long lens, in manual focus… yes, I think only superman could get better results… well, you know what I mean!

PS – Are you sure you’ve seen our Fuzzy?

PSS – If you’re wondering about the 3rd extra… well, today’s pic is the 3rd in the sequence…

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2 Responses to Extra, Extra… Extra? WPhotoC

  1. cathylass says:

    Starters AND mains! 😉


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