Room With A View

To be more correct… roof with a view. Ok, roof parapet with a view. Apparently the viewing platform at the top of the Trim Castle Keep is at 80 foot above ground level. That’s high enough to give many the hee-be-gee-bee’s. However, it’s also high enough to enjoy the views of the surround countryside… the River Boyne runs north-east until it flow out into the Irish Sea at Drogheda, so 30 kilometers away.

The River Boyne as seen from the top of Trim Castle, Co Meath, Ireland

If you look to the left of the river (above the large tree) you’ll see a bit of high ground on the horizon… that’s more or less where the river enters the sea. If you look above the apex of the roof canopy you’ll just make out the Dublin Mountains on the horizon…

The distant Dublin Mountains (Wicklow Mountainms) as seen from Trim Castle roof... Co Meath, Ireland.

A closer look at the hills in the yonder distance… yes, They’re called the Dublin Mountains… Ireland being small so the mountains are also small… or not tall… you get my drift? OK… enough of the geography lesson. Imagine enjoying your sun-downers up there… just make sure you remember to take the elevator to the ground floor… if you can find it!

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