Twist – Ailsa’s WTT

Trust Ailsa to throw the twirlers into the twist zone. Trust the good lady. There was I… minding my own business when the clouds offered a perfect bit of twist. No, not a twister… just a baby twist.

No... it's not a twister... it's just a baby twist!

Now, if you’re wondering why my good lady and I were crawling around Howth Head then you’d be fully entitled to an explanation. I was in the mood for fish! Yep, last Monday a friend eul0gised about the fish bbq they’d had the previous weekend. Well, the thought took root… the idea needed fulfillment. So, that’s why we went for a bit of a walk-about before heading for the fish shop. The good lady needed to see some of the sights… in the summer sunshine… with the ever-present threat of the fluffy white mammoths above taking revenge on the morals below.

Now… that’s where the story takes a twist… not only did a few fish land on the braai… a handful of tigers also managed to find their way home with us. So, if you’re wondering, again… these were special tigers…

There's a twist in the tail! ;-)

How’s that for a nonchalantly arranged twist of the tails? Delectable! However… there was a sting in the tail… yep, remember that weather I was on about… it had the last say!

How's that for a twist? Lashing rain against the backdrop of a rainbow!

Yep… twists all the way. Lashing rain against the background of a rainbow! No, it’s not photo-shopped… it’s real! Just an interesting twist in the tale that began on Howth Head?

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5 Responses to Twist – Ailsa’s WTT

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  4. Sue Slaght says:

    Hopefully that twist in the sky stayed up there!


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