Decoration… Ailsa’s WTT

You know, Ailsa often does this to me. The lady selects a theme and the leaves me to show her bits of Dublin. Meaningless you may say… until I remind you that Ailsa hails from the good city Dublin. Well, if you were set such a challenge what would you do? I’m sure you’d also want to get with the spirit of things and give the lady what she’s asking for. Yes, a few Dublin sights to sooth sore eyes… especially mid summer sights.

Hi summer... Dublin's Haypenny Bridge - canoes decorate the waters of the Liffey

How’s that for decorating the streets of the city? The liquid street as well as the pedestrian trample zone that is the Ha’penny Bridge. If that’s not bright enough for you then turn right into Temple Bar at the next intersection. Here everything seems to take on a new meaning… decorations purposely blind tourists and locals alike… enticing their hard-earned currency from their pockets…

Dublin's Temple Bar is bright... why? To entice the filthy lucre from the pockets of the unwary!

Decorations still not bright enough? Imagine getting home to your lodging as the sun makes it’s appearance… you’ll have to have a strong constitution to countenance this on a queasy stomach… especially if your belly is full of 2 AM chipper fair soaked in Ireland’s finest black bear!

Enough decoration for you?

There you have it Ailsa… a glimpse of the streets you so enjoy. Next time you fell like sending me out for a few fresh Dublin photos why don’t you simply drop me a mail… I’ll happily oblige! (Yes, they were taken just for this post… truth!)

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