Show Stopper!!

The Blue Tit and the GLW... TLC!!

This little one flow straight in through the open kitchen sliding door thinking the window on the opposite side of the room was the way to go. It flew into the window with quite a thud, winding itself. Junior Son and the GLW rescued the poor fellow and after a few minutes TLC and patient stroking the bird’s heart rate slowed to normal.

The GLW took the Blue Tit outside to a more familiar environment and after the two posed for the obligatory photo session the bird recovered sufficiently to say it’s fond farewell and flit off into the nearest bush. Now, every time we see a Blue Tit on the feeder we wonder…

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1 Response to Show Stopper!!

  1. says:

    Awwwwwww, I am glad he lived ! (and posed for you in shock I guess )

    As an aside, I ran into a wall last week during the world cup and still have the lump on my forehead so your post made me laugh :>


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