Orange… Ailsa’s WTT

This week Ailsa is looking to dispel the effects of the fleeing summer. Dispel of repel? It matters not. Summer seems to have buggered off! Gone… gone gone. August is usually a pleasant month here in Ireland. Warm, bright days. Not so this year… there seems to have been a chilly wind blowing from the Pole for much of the month… throw in, as well, the after effects of some Atlantic storm with a girl’s name… yep, when the ladies get irate they sure know how to turn a cold shoulder, don’t they?

The sum total of all this doom and gloom, Ailsa has decided bright colours may scare away the encroaching autumn… so, to begin with I’ll throw summer a bit of a lifeline… well, if it should ever flounder in the Spencer Dock on the Royal Canal then maybe these life rings will come in handy.

Orange attraction... save our summer!!

The photo give you that all washed up feeling? Yep, as deflated as the fleeing summer has made us feel. Mind you, I suppose it will only be good manners if we wish the departing summer good luck as it sets off on it’s travels down south. Don’t you sometimes wish you could up sticks and migrate with the swallows and the summer?

Summer send off!!

Oh well… summer does leave us with some bright memories… like the day lily. This one seems even more radiant after summer shower… oh summer, where are you? Come back… we’re missing you already!

Orange day lily... summer at it's best!!

Orange… evocative… orange, bright, bold and over the top. Orange… infused with summer or just around to brighten up our mood! Then on occasion the summer throws us an added bonus. A clear sky on a full moon evening like this year on Friday 13 June… a rare happening when the full moon rises on a Friday the 13th. You’ll have to agree… this orange looks right for the picking!!

Friday 13 June 2014, a rare full moon on the day...

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5 Responses to Orange… Ailsa’s WTT

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  2. says:

    You NAILED it AJ !!!


    • aj vosse says:

      😉 I wish… if I’d nailed it the post would have had in excess of 500 likes and about 300 comments!! I dream!! But anyway, thanks for your exuberant confidence in me!! 😛


      • says:

        Always and very few have that kind of an audience! Do I look YES and I always appreciate a LIKE but I still do it for little old moi and the internal smile at the end of a successful post that made me happy ♥

        That moon was killer!


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