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Interesting. I was looking all over for something to use for this week’s challenge. Fray. Fray… my nerves were getting a tad frayed because I thought it was rather unfair of john to use such a simple four letter word to mess with my head. I thought of the frayed edges of a flag or dish towel… a butterfly at the end of it’s life… the wings are often tattered and torn… frayed beyond repair. 

However, something in the subconscious told me I’d captured a few photos in Phoenix Park of a deer with fluffy antlers… frayed? No… that surely wasn’t a way to go? Until I looked into the matter a tad further. Yes, deer tend to loose their antlers’ velvet as their manhood wanes. Yep, apparently the annual rut takes so much out of them that as the testosterone levels decrease the velvet comes away. I promise… I kid you not! This line of research made me wonder, a few things… including if the stuff on my head is velvet and if after many years of abuse that’s why it’s now fraying?

OK… I’ll stay off the frayed and messy path. My next line of defense was to place the word fray into the Big G’s search bar… and man, was I mildly surprised! I dare you… only the singe four letter word… maybe you get the same result… 

Fray as per Big G search!!

If ever I knew I was onto a winner then it was at that precise moment. I have proof!! Look at the fella who’s loosing his velvet… it’s almost all gone yet the others still have all theirs. Does he look a bit tired? Why are all the others lying down while he is up? Simple… he’s the boss man. Tired he must surely be… he’s expended almost every drop of testosterone… and if I may say so, probably had the summer of his life!! Lucky lad… 

The one standing tall... yes, his velvet is frayed!! Why? Testosterone abuse... ask the ladies, they'll agree!! So will all his offspring... next year!!

Mind you… now I’m wondering even more… the deer get to have a fresh pair of antlers every year… of their adult lives, that is. They get lots of testosterone to share about… my alter-ego is asking, would that not be better? Every year a fresh lot of velvet to lose… after all the ladies have been visited? Interesting. Tell you what, it surely can’t all be bad to be boss man… even if it makes you tired!

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