Dear Irish Rail – How Pathetic!!

In a first world, free economy, supposedly capitalist country we are today subjected to a rail strike. Yes… the good folk who have been employed right through the bad times are now forcing their displease with their bosses upon the paying commuter public! Where do the bleeding heart union bosses suppose a vast majority of workers were while they clung to their cushy jobs during the recession? On the dole queues… unemployed, suffering… making sacrifices while they and their members were still reaping the benefits of their over inflated pay packets!

It’s common knowledge, that after years of recession, public service wages in this country are still ahead of the equivalent European benchmark. Yet this magnanimous government, propped up by labour representation, is allowing this inconvenience to continue. Where are the leaders of the country? How can a few union bosses and their lackeys hold the whole country to ransom? Especially considering that Irish Rail is bankrupt.

But look on the bright side… let’s say a few hundred thousand folk in the country have paid well in advance for their season tickets… if there are no costs during the days of strike then Irish Rail have pocketed a cool pot of money… at our expense! Shrewd collaborative plot? However, worst still… I bet not a single union boss will loose a wink of sleep or a cent of pay while we, the paying commuters have to find alternative ways of getting to work… to keep industry going so the government can earn more taxes to fund Irish Rail!

No Irish Rail, a new coat of paint won't fix all the problems beneath!! They're old... the management needs a shake-up... the unions need to be kicked out!!

Union bosses… take your socialist crap and shove it where the sun don’t shine! I hope the resultant constipation causes such excessive bloating that you explode and spray your sorry, smelly mess all over your fellow union members!

PS – There are many good folk who work for Irish Rail. I do feel for them but none the less, get off your collective posterior and make the company work for those who are paying your wages… stop letting the unions run your lives!! It’s not as if Irish Rail is in pristine condition. It’s an aging service in desperate need of improvement… so, start by kicking out the union supernumeraries… that will signal positive intent for improvement!!

PSS – Yes… I’m opinionated. I loath communism and all it’s off shoots!! As I’ve been know to say in the past… more folk have been killed for and by the evil scourge than have been killed in all the combined other atrocities!! There is no joy in any of the dogma foisted upon the masses by the leaders of unions… after all, they have their true home in labour which in turn has it’s foundations truly rooted in socialism or communism.

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5 Responses to Dear Irish Rail – How Pathetic!!

  1. Sallyann says:

    Hear hear! . 🙂


  2. joanfrankham says:

    Well said, unions are a lot of the cause of labour problems in many countries.


  3. de Wets Wild says:

    Dit klink bekend 😀


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