Colour Contrast! – The Shortlists!!

Earlier this month I told you about the summer’s premature departure. Yes, August is usually still warm and bright around these parts but I’m afraid, the weather gods must have been plotting revenge on this little green island again, after all, they’d allowed a relatively good summer… and that on top of the great one we had last year.

There I was yesterday morning… sulking my way to work. We’d woken to a damp, cool grey dull morning. The train arrived, after 2 days of strike action the service was again operating. I’m honest if I say I wouldn’t have been too surprised if it had been very late or hadn’t arrived at all… such is the public’s confidence in the service these days. Anyhow, I digress. I found my way onto the train and as my seats of preference one and two were both occupied I slumped into the best available third rate option.

The sulk deepened just a tad but to counter the gloom I whipped out the laptop and proceeded to get it booted up for the day’s activities. Then, as I opened the browser pages the good news slowly revealed itself. The blog awards category shortlists were newly published and as I scrolled down I was pleasantly surprised to see that this blog had made the shortlist in the Great Outdoors category. A further lift was seeing the cricket blog also on the shortlist in the sports category.

WoW!! A double whammy!! A double dose of shocking pink to wake me up fully. So, there you have it… how to drive the grey away on a dull day… get two of these babies!!

The great outdoors!! In Ireland you must take your chances as they come. We were not long here when someone said something along the lines of…

“When you wake up in the morning and it’s bright… get outside and do something!”

We thought the advice a bit dramatic. We, from South Africa, we’re used to a bit of weather. Yes, it rained and along the coast the wind blew… hard! But generally we could call a few friends a few week’s in advance and make arrangements for a braai in two weeks time. Generally outdoor activities weren’t called off because of the weather. Here though, it’s wise to heed the words. Get out quickly and do something.

The great outdoors. Mmmmmm… here not usually that great but still the outdoors. I need space. I’ve been known to mutter that I’m a boy from the vast African plains who needs his space. That leaves me with a slight problem. If I had to wait for the bright mornings of a weekend I wouldn’t get out that much. You may notice how many photos on this blog have grey skies. Many! That leaves me with little choice… get out irrespective of what the weather has on offer… summer, autumn, winter or spring!

So what can I offer you as a photo? How about a pic I was going to use and title the post Tranquility. It was taken the last time the GLW and I visited Howth. Yes, the skies aren’t too bright but the outdoors is the outdoors and on the day we weren’t rained on and later in the day we braaied the fish and prawns we’d collected while in Howth. Yes, life waits for no man so if you want to be part of it then get out into the great outdoors… otherwise you’ll just whinge and whine about how bad it is and when you look again life would have passed you by!

Tranquility... yes, get into the great outdoors and live the word! looking north west from Howth in the direction of Malahide, Co Dublin, Ireland

OK… before I go… thanks again to all of you for supporting all my blogs and thanks also to the judges who have found a place for Ouch My Back Hurts and NK Cricket on the shortlists!!!

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5 Responses to Colour Contrast! – The Shortlists!!

  1. Sallyann says:

    Whether the weather be cold
    Or whether the weather be hot
    Weather the weather be nice
    Or whether the weather be not…

    We’ll weather the weather whatever the weather, whether we like it or not.


  2. congrats AJ – well-deserved!


  3. de Wets Wild says:

    Congratulations on making the short lists AJ Vosse!


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