Live as if You Had Cancer!

I’ve borrowed the title from an article I read recently. It is not mine so firstly, I’ll suggest you click here to visit Jim McCarthy’s post on LinkedIn. I’ve wanted to write something about health issues for some time now. Last year, at this time, I was in trouble. Some of you may recall I was diagnosed early on in June to be suffering the severe side effects of long-term Statin use.

It took months for me to regain most of my mobility and lose the pain. Pain, I may add, that was so bad some days I was literally chewing prescription only, scheduled pain killers and anti-inflammatory’s at more than twice the prescribed rates. It also took months for me to realise just how fortunate I’d been with this escape. The doctor’s words, when he made the connection between the pain and the resultant muscle breakdown caused by the tables, were something to the effect of…

“You do realise you heart is a muscle and that it will also suffer in the long run?”

Indeed… if all things are taken into consideration, it wasn’t only the muscles that affecting mobility that were suffering, it was the muscles actually keeping the vital organs vital that were being impacted.

Today, I shudder to think how close I may have been to heart failure because of muscle degradation. I shudder to think how my dependence on pain killers and anti-inflammatories was masking the damage being done. The tablet literature’s fine print warns of irreversible damage and more than a year on I’m sure there are still side effects.

How? Well, I tire a lot quicker than before the episode and yes, I have taken into account that I have aged in the interim. I am most definitely weaker and most definitely have carry-over effects like an elbow that seems to ache at will.

However, I will again stress that the drugs are great for the purpose they were initially designed for. It’s been proven that heart attach victims benefit from the use of Statins after the attack. I’m not disputing that. What I stress is that long-term use can have adverse side effects! Do research and question your medical professionals. It seems to me as if there is a general lethargy in questioning the negative impact drugs can have on long-term users. It’s evident when I speak with folk who use Statins. Very few doctors will acknowledge the dangers. Very few!

Ask questions, don’t take no for an answer. Don’t be browbeaten because the learned folk don’t want to admit that things may not quite be what they’ve been taught. Most of all, pull out the information leaflet and educate yourself! If the manufacturer is cautioning you then surely the doctors and other medical professionals must start taking heed?

I will repeat that first blog title I used when writing about the dangers of long-term Statin use…

Poisoned by Good Intent… or Ignorance? 

That’s for you to decide… however, don’t take things at face value, especially when the small matter of your health or life is added to the equation! Most of all, make sure you value every day and are grateful for every breath you take. Only when you read articles like the one that prompted this post and reflect on all the great things in life will you realise just how fortunate you really are!

Note: – This post went out prematurely a few weeks ago. I pulled it because I wasn’t quite happy with the content. Now I know the reason why it was not meant to go live. I found this amazing post on a fellow blogger’s site… do click here to read the amazing words of a 12-year-old girl who was robbed from life by cancer. It left me very close to tears…

The Daffodil... a symbol of HOPE!!

The daffodil… to me a symbol of hope. The Irish Cancer Society use the daffodil as it’s logo

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