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I pondered long and hard on this week’s challenge. Creating dialogue between photos as Frédéric Biver has done is not always easy but do have a look at his post to see how he achieves what he’s after. He shares a few tips:

  • Photos of the same subject from different perspectives.
  • Photos with similar colour palettes, textures, or geometric shapes.
  • A before-and-after or cause-and-effect composition.

These tips generated a few thought processes… one of which was the dialogue between the camera and it’s master. I was fortunate to meet a professional on Friday afternoon in Dublin. Quite spontaneous and rather pleasant the chat we had. I watched as Hugo was setting up his camera. There was a definite dialogue between him and his trusty tool. A bit of this… a bit of that…

Dialogue between photographer and camera...

He was more than happy for me to watch, in fact… he called me over to explain as he went along. So many stops here, a graded filter, the aperture setting… a panorama frame so he could do the timed exposures and then adjust the camera 15 degrees to get the next shot… and so on.

In between Hugo’s dialogue with his camera he was freely engaged with his explaining. Dialogue on two levels… well, maybe three because I was in my own way trying to create dialogue between my camera and what was happening along Dublin’s Liffey.

We chatted on once Hugo’s camera was ready for his panorama shoot. He was from Portugal, traveling in Ireland. After Dublin he was heading toward Galway in the west… there he is likely to get some wild Irish scenes along the cliffs… stormy Atlantic coastal landscapes.

We chatted a little about Portugal and my love for his country. He mentioned the Douro in the north… the wine region. Yes, I mentioned that we’d once flown into Porto but that we’d driven down to a little seaside village north of Lisbon… São Pedro de Moel. His eyes lit up! It’s his hometown and boy, he seemed so happy that he’d actually met someone here in Ireland who knew where he was from! I passed on one of my last cards before going my way… I do hope he mails me. I felt good coming away from the accidental meeting… shows you how Lady Serendipity can trow a bit of random dialogue in our direction… for our edification!


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