Dublin Street Views – Misery Hill

I was hunting in the winter folders for a daffodil photo when this photo presented itself. Taken on the 13th of March 2013 when I was still working in town. I’ve walked passed that spot on countless occasions and never noticed the street name. Misery Hill. It sure conjures up images and inspires some ideas for future posts or short stories.

So, how do I get from an old photo of a street name to future short stories? Convoluted yet easy. Pop Misery Lane into the Big G search and let your mind free. From ghosts to leprosy to pubs to revolution… one topic follows another. History, myth… magic, imagination… thoughts, ideas… all sparked by a random sighting of a photo taken more than 18 months ago.

Misery Hill, on Dublin's Grand Cabal Plaza, Ireland

Misery Hill – In medieval times, this was the last refuge for those Lazar Hill pilgrims bound for Saint Iago de Compostella who could not afford to stay in a hospice. It apparently derives its name from an age when the corpses of those executed at Gallows Hill near Upper Baggot Street were carted here and strung up to rot as a warning to other would be troublemakers.

Thanks to Turtle Bunbury… I was lucky enough to find this very descriptive paragraph on his page. I think you’ll have to agree with me… there are tales to be told!

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1 Response to Dublin Street Views – Misery Hill

  1. jbwye says:

    My – what a mouthful of possibilities! Saintiago de Compostella has cropped up on my radar many times over the past 12 months from different sources … wonder what I’ll end up doing next?


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