Bountiful – Ailsa’s WTT

This week Ailsa bases the challenge on the seasonal harvest so freely available in the hedgerows and rural roads. Well, you’ll even find something to eat in a city park if you’re lucky but mostly I’d stick to picking blackberries from about head height, just to be on the safe side!

Hedgerow bounty... look closely, there's quite a bit to see... and eat!

We have really had a great run into autumn so there’s a bountiful supply of wild pickings about, if you know where to look and what to eat! However, it’s not only along the hedgerow but in the fields and pastures where the abundance is also to be seen…

Sweetcorn sunset!

Late season sweetcorn… now there’s a bit of temptation. All this bounty has been around for a very long time, as can be witnessed along Ireland’s River Boyne where the remains of Dunmoe Castle can be seen lording over the countryside. One wonders at the splendour of the feasts held in places like that in days gone by. All testament of the bountiful supply from the adjacent lands…

The remains of Dunmoe Castle, overlooking the Boyne north of Navan

The thing though, Ireland would never be able to deliver such bounty if it were not for one little ingredient. Yep, that being the moisture that descends in so many forms… mist, fog… mizzle, rain… snow, sleet… drizzle or on occasions hail or torrent. The bountiful supply of H2O throws rich reward…

Autumn bounty being washed by the rain...

This was taken right outside the bedroom window last evening… for effect! The autumn colours being cleansed by the steady rain…

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