Thundering Thursday?

Well, if I’m going by Wednesday’s fun at work then today could be another charmer. Seems when some have to take off a day for the odd unplanned activities life throws at one from time to time that others feel cheated or deprived of something. Seems they then feel it necessary to take their confoundment out on the errant perpetrators of the misendeavours.

Stupid little office dynamics develop… little games that people play because they think they are more important than others. So, for my part I’ll just keep playing the game… no, not their games, the good game. What’s that, you may ask?  A bit like fishing, me thinks… cast in the bait… wait a while and retrieve… repeat the exercise because as sure as the sun rises in the east every morning you will entice the fish. Sooner or later they will swallow the whole lot… and be caught with their bloomers blowing in the breeze!

Cast that bait! Far and wide... soon you'll have your rewards!

Office politics… oh how I hate playing their silly games!! Some would say if they get off their posteriors a little more often and add value they may have less time to play their silly games! Oh drat, wouldn’t I rather be fishing? You bet!

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