More Numbers

Today is lazy Bank Holiday in Ireland so I’ll be a little lazy as well. Ailsa’s numbers theme got me thinking about structures… of course there will have to be my most favourite of twins… but I needed a single to begin with. The red Poolbeg Lighthouse is often featured in photos but the green marker is not that fortunate so why don’t I begin this sequence with the green fella… green is only a fitting start here on the emerald island…

The green marker at the enterance of the Liffey Channel into Dublin Port... not often featured but hey, why not give it a shot?  Note the plane's tail fin colour matching!

OK… now for the twins… in all their glory…

My favourite twins!! The Poolbeg Chimneys, as seen from North Bull Island, Dublin, Ireland

Three’s… they’re not too easy to find if you’re looking for uprights so I’ll use the imagination a bit. Three bridges, one road, one pedestrian and one rail as seen in Drogheda. We were crossing the road bridge when the urge took me… get a photo

Three bridges in Drogheda...

Four columns at the front of the Custom House building. The building looks a lot younger than its actual age, having been opened in 1791.

The front door of the Custom House, flanked by the 2 sets of two columns...

I’m twisting the imagination just a tad to bring you a five. Five barges rafted in the Grand Canal Dock… not seen too often so I’m sure you’ll allow me the liberty…

Five barges rafted in the Grand Canal Dock... Dublin, Ireland

Six is easy, my favourite twins dwarfing the 4 short power station stacks…

The Poolbeg Twins dwarf the 4 other stacks... Dublin, Ireland

Seven… for so many the lucky number. I hunted through the galleries because I know there are seven wind turbines off the Wicklow coast. I cropped the photo as far as I could without cutting the two lads and Pepsi their dog away. Believe me, there are seven turbines on the horizon, enlarge and you’ll see them in all their glory

Arklow beach... summer sun! Look in the distance, you'll see the 7 wind turbines...

And now onto eight… where could I find something to represent eight? Fortunately I spotted a sunny pic of the Portobello College dome… conveniently propped up by eight pillars… phew, my luck is holding!

The dome on the Portobello Collage is held aloft by eight pillars...

Now for nine… OK, this is a bit of a cheat but because I like the photo you’re getting it. The ninth bridge along the Liffey, from the sea’s side. The Ha’Penny bridge, long a firm photo favourite…

The Ha'Penny Bridge at night... a Dublin favourite...

Humour me for number ten! I’m cheating again… well, sort of but to be honest, there are 10 destination markers attached so maybe I’m not cheating at all. Fancy visiting all those spots? I do!

Count them... I see ten... the Dodder Buoy at the sea side of the Liffey... almost in the port..

I was going to stop at ten but Les Zep’s Stairway to Heaven was playing when I passed by this photo… eleven steps I count… now I’ll go!!

Eleven steps along the Howth Cliff walk... not quite all the way to heaven...

I have to confess… this post ran away with me… I was supposed to work on a short story that’s taken on a life of its own, as they do. I feel a tad guilty but it’s fast approaching novella status so I thought a break would be as good as a holiday… on a bank holiday!


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  1. joanfrankham says:

    Great shots, and very clever use of numbers, and I did see the 7 turbines, aliens coming in from the sea!

    Liked by 1 person

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