Something New?

No, the photos are not earth shattering or of objects new. I’ve shown you Dublin’s Liffey on many occasions, so have I shown you the Samuel Beckett Bridge and the Convention Center. However, what is new is the time of day I managed the photos. They were taken before 10 am… not a time I often get into Dublin but on this occasion I stopped to stroll around.

The sun shines and reflects of the Dublin's Convention Center and the PWC building

It was Sunday morning, the autumn sun was out in all it’s glory. The place was rather quiet, something that I’ve noticed before… the down river area of Dublin is quiet if one considers it’s one of Europe’s capital cities.

Panorama of Dublin's Samuel Beckett Bridge and the Convention Center

I had to try the panorama setting on the camera to get the bridge and Convention Center in one shot… then for good measure I took a stroll across the bridge and snapped upriver… the familiar Dublin landmarks were only too prominent as they were bathed in the autumn sunshine…

Dublin's Liffey... see all the familiar landmarks...

The buildings on the left with the triangular roofs, the Ulster Bank Buildings on Georges Quay, then the Sean O’Casey foot bridge linking the north and south quays. In the distant background is the rail bridge. The tall block of an unsightly building is the trade union hotbed, inappropriately named Liberty Hall. To the right of that is the green dome of the Custom House and even further right the Dublin Spite points upward.

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2 Responses to Something New?

  1. Sallyann says:

    From this angle the bridge looks like two giant seagulls flying towards you in attack formation, and even the unsightly block building does its part to balance the picture nicely. 🙂


  2. Wow, that’s nice. I want a swim–the sudden.


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