Nessa the Messa…

This post is a few days in coming but I first needed the correct facts and most importantly, a photo of the young lady in her own home.

A few days ago I shared with you the great news of the arrival of a special little lady. Well, there’s quite a story to relate. Nessa, as the little lady has been named, chose a busy night to arrive. Her pappy was driving her mammy toward one of Dublin’s maternity hospitals. However, the little lady decided she wasn’t in the bother to wait for the messy Dublin peak hour traffic.

Here’s her pappy’s version of events…

“T’was a dark stormy night! A boat would be more suitable than a car for the transportation… and added into the mix was the lovely Dublin rush hour traffic! Had this child been a boy, which we knew she wasn’t, Noah was definitely going to be the name of choice. As we aquaplaned up the N11, often flirting with the legal speed limits, mammy let me know that Nessa the Messa was most definitely not in a waiting mood… she wanted OUT!!”

“At the Glen of the Downs, mammy said…

“We need an ambulance, I can’t wait anymore!”

“I gently persuaded (which wasn’t as easy as it sounds) mammy that Loughlinstown Ambulance Base wasn’t too far away and would be a good option. I managed to keep my head intact and where it best belongs, firmly planted on my shoulders! The irate ‘mother soon to be’ queried if there were no ambulances in Bray. Fearing for my life I insisted that Loughlinstown was the better option. The growling mother conceded and the great aquaplaning adventure continued onward towards the ambulance base.”

“On reaching the base I rang the door bell and was promptly met by a kind gentleman, suitably attired for the job at hand. I explained our predicament and he replied

“Take me to your leader…”

The three ambulance men went to the rescue and assisted mammy from the car to the ambulance. The plan was to time the contractions but when it came to checking things out after the second contraction the ambulance man realised there was no point setting off for the hospital as the baby had presented her head! Two pushes later into the contractions and labour was over! Baby had arrived!! In the back of the stationary ambulance which had not left the base yet!”

“The lads got to work in stabilising the situation and when all was under control we set off for the maternity hospital.”

As mentioned, these are the words of the very proud and grateful pappy. His request though, to thank the dedicated and hardworking crew who were instrumental in Nessa’s birth. Andy O’Toole and the two lads performed superbly and without their prompt and skillful response in this situation things may have been different.

As the overjoyed parents have said on more than one occasion… these services are under threat of closure so could you imagine what would have happened in the pouring rain on a cold November night if they’d arrived at an abandoned ambulance station!

Now my request to you all, would you please join in our gratitude and share this good news story! Also click here on the ambulance base link… they can do with all the support they get!

The little darling, at peace with the world! Dream on!!

A massive thanks to all who took part in this happy tale, most of all darling little Nessa the Messa, who I may add, is quietly sleeping away the days and living it up at night!! Arrived in the evening, an indicator that she may turn into a night-owl!!


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7 Responses to Nessa the Messa…

  1. Sallyann says:

    Beautiful. 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    if only child birth was as comical as you portray, my dearest father…… I might be tempted


  3. de Wets Wild says:

    Wonderlik dat alles so goed uitgedraai het, en wat n storie kan sy nie eendag vir haar eie kinders en kleinkinders vertel nie! Nogmaals geluk AJ en familie.


  4. wildsherkin says:

    Congratulations! What a gorgeous baby!


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