Ailsa’s WTT – FREEDOM!!

Below is the comment I left over at Ailsa’s blog after reading her challenge this week…

Believe it or not… every time I see a young lady walking along an Irish country lane or the canal it spells freedom to me!! Leaving the car unlocked… or a window open… or even coming home to find the front door key still left in the lock… that screams FREEDOM!!

I’ll add, we’ve been in Ireland for almost 14 years and yet, the concept of freedom is still valued and appreciated by us!! I know this is not utopia but man… my GLW said something not long after we arrived here… “one can’t eat sunshine…” That simple statement always reminds me of the freedom we so enjoy here!!

Here’s a few of my quotes on the subject…

Rain versus sunshine… I know which will win every time, until you throw freedom into the equation!

On the other hand…

Freedom doesn’t hide from the rain nor does sunshine promote peace!

Freedom! Keys in the front door... arriving home hours later to find "someone" had locked and left... key in tact!!

I’ve written about freedom on a few occasions… it just so happens that the last post to contain the word actually features a photo of two young ladies walking along the Royal Canal… do click here for a look. (You can use the tag freedom to search for some of my other posts… one that springs to mind is my view on Nelson Mandela’s flawed legacy…)

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2 Responses to Ailsa’s WTT – FREEDOM!!

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  2. livvy30 says:

    Something that I take for granted. I can’t imagine not going for a walk or a run whenever I want.


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