Catch Your Own Drop Of Sunshine!

This is one of those photos with little merit. It’s slightly out of focus and even though I’ve tried to tighten up the lines it still doesn’t quite result in artistic or technical acceptability. However, there’s one special moment to the image… somehow I managed to catch the perfect timing when the sun illuminated the water droplets as the bird lifted its left foot out of the water. It looks like a fairy light, does it not?

Cach your own drop of sunshine!!

Anyway, as that’s not such a good photo I’ll add another… this fella was feeding peacefully when a Redshank meandered into it’s feeding zone. This resulted in the bird puffing itself up… the breeze did the rest… ruffling the feathers even more. Mind you, the redshank was less than half the egret’s size so it’s reaction surprised me.

All puffed up!

Do click here to visit my new Vimeo page to see the snip of this fellow scratching around for a feed!!

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