A New Year’s Work Perspective…

Today I’m back for my first workday of 2015, back at the grindstone, that is. I’m filled with anticipation and even a touch of excitement as the year may well offer a few new challenges that have to be faced in different locations.

Those of you who know me also know I like the odd rant. Especially if it’s got something to do with age and discrimination in the workplace. So, why don’t I begin the working year by including a comment I left over on LinkedIn? Seems to me that recruiters have something against age… maybe because we over 50’s make them squirm a little!!

Having a quick glance at all the comments to date… you’re all speaking of older folk as if we’re a commodity with a shelf life!!

We’re NOT a resource!! We’re unique individuals with much to offer!! In many cases we are 2 or 3 professions rolled into one!!

Get with it!! Older folk have what it takes… what I’ve seen in the last 15 or 20 years when dealing with younger folk in the workplace are as follows,

– those who want to learn progress quickly and usually take the advice given to them by anyone, older, younger or the same age
– those that discriminate are the ones who are left behind because they’re quickly shunned by all age groups

Sit back and think for a little longer before you make generalised statements about older folk in the workplace!! Yes, some don’t fare well, usually because they’re not adapted to change but that is also true to a vast amount of younger folk.

Quit your discrimination! You could do a lot worse than hiring an over 50!!

May the New Year bring all that you wish for others!

OK… that’s enough for one day! May you have all sorts of fun this year. If you’re stuck in a bit of a dead-end job then maybe you should use 2015 to shuffle a few things about… at work and in life!

Bright new sunrise... Happy New working year!! May 2015 be great!!

Bright new sunrise for a happy new year…


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2 Responses to A New Year’s Work Perspective…

  1. I think I”m swimming in that ocean pic, you know.


  2. de Wets Wild says:

    Alle sterkte AJ!


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