There Are Days…

After yesterday’s rant I was going to go gentle on you but after yesterday’s first day back at work I don’t feel like letting you off easily! I should’ve stayed in bed! I shouldn’t have gone back to work… well, not in the frame of mind I was in. Top of the list on my “to-do’s” list was to get clarity on a few issues that weren’t finished off in December. That… and also to find out why some of the issues were not addressed.

Needless to say… I’m still not too sure I have answers to some of the key issues!! Needless to say… that sort of makes me wonder about my future… just a little. If I had my way I’d be sitting at home writing but it doesn’t pay the bills so I have to go off to work and keep writing in my spare time. Let’s hope this year gets me significantly closer to a better writing future. No, it’s not only a dream… I’m working all the time to make it a reality!

Oh well... do I swim... or do I go for a long walk on the beach?

Sink or swim? Who knows? Maybe it’s better to go for a long walk on the soft, sandy beaches of life and stay well away from the treacherous rip currents!


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One Response to There Are Days…

  1. de Wets Wild says:

    Sterkte AJ, klink of jou nuwe jaar beter kon begin het.


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