Throwback Thursday

Why do we blog? To show off our achievements or to share images and information but maybe also to leave a legacy. Why do we leave diaries behind? To capture our inner feelings or to leave a legacy? Is it egotistical to want our descendants to know something about us in the dim and distant mists of the future?

Are we trying to leave a record of where we were as a boast? Look people, we could do so much with our lives! Is that why we blog? Maybe all of the above but also to capture our emotions at a given moment in time. It’s called creating memories, is it not?

So… without much further ado I’ll kick off a new routine here at OMBH. Why not show you a few pics of events that took place in the past? Why not post a photo or two from the same week in the past and give you a little of the memory associated with the photo?

Today’s photo was taken in the first workweek of 2012. Significance? It was my first week back in paid employment after being on the recession’s dole for 2 years. I was one of the lucky ones to get back to work so soon. There are folk who depended on the state for a lot longer. Anyway, this bad quality pic was taken on the station platform as the home train arrived.

The home train arrives... Grand Canal Dock station, 06 Jan 2012... long ago!!

If you feel you’d like to contribute to the general theme of Throwback Thursday then please do so. Sometimes it may well be good to look back so we can refresh our gratitude for some of the good things that have happened to us in times gone by!

If you should partake then please place a link to this post so we can share in your memories… thanks.

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4 Responses to Throwback Thursday

  1. Sallyann says:

    Why do we blog.?
    I blog to remember, to remember in the future what I’m doing now, and to remember the past and write it down.
    But sharing the memories is a wonderful bonus. 😀


    • aj vosse says:

      Strangely I was wondering if you’d call around when I was on about collecting memories!! I wonder why?? 😉 😛 😉


      • Sallyann says:

        Oh, I still call round often, I don’t usually get time to stay long though and I know a “like” would let you know I’d been, but then I would be a lot less likely to drop by when I have some time to catch up. and comments are much more fun. 🙂


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