Moving Monday?

Sometimes I wonder about the merits of social media. Sometimes I think it’s all a waste of time. You see, I entered four photo stories into the Biodiversity Ireland’s FB competition. Thanks to those of you who have supported my entries. However, I’m left to wonder how I could encourage more likes and shares. How do I entice movement?

Here’s a plan. Today, I’ll show you the pics of my two leading contenders. The first has about 20 likes at this stage so with all your help it could most likely double or quadruple!

Bird on the wing... Dublin Bay special...

Please click HERE to go directly to the page… next, please read the piece and if it finds merit with you then why not support my plea? Please like and share!!

The second runner is not far behind… I’m quite surprised that the Small Skipper post has found more favour the the other two but I’m not complaining. If you’re in the mood for a bit more reading the please click HERE to visit that entry.

Small Skipper in it's new home in the bo of Kildare... nice!

OK… enough begging, for now! I’m still left wondering about social media and it’s effects on the decision-making process. Imagine if a panel of “experts” were to screen all the entries and place a shortlist on the FB page. Would some of the current front-runners still be there? After all, social media can be very cruel at times! Biased too…

Happy Monday!! May your week be filled with fun… and maybe a few shares on your FB page?

Now… sour grapes becomes a reality…

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2 Responses to Moving Monday?

  1. de Wets Wild says:

    Ons hou diumvas dat die stemme sal begin inrol AJ!

    Liked by 1 person

I value your 'likes' and comments, even though I don't always reciprocate, I care. Thanks for making the effort! God Bless!!

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