Should I? Red-Letter Day?

Should I stop or should I go? These questions have been running around in my mind for a wee while now. The last few months have seen visitor numbers decreasing. Nothing new there but apart from a handful of folk who call by regularly the blog doesn’t seem to be sustaining the momentum it should.

Must I change something? Is there any advice or suggestions you have for me? Have I missed the boat and must move off into the sunset? Moon rise? Whatever? Please pass on your thoughts. If you’re relatively new to OMBH I’ll add that I occasionally ask questions of this kind about my blogging. We’ve been through a few troughs before but I can’t recall a period where the stats have been so uninspiring for so long.

OK… maybe I should just go off and sulk! Maybe I’ll do that for a few days and then things will pick up again. After all, in less than 2 months the blog will reach a full four years of daily posts. Maybe I’ll keep going for that record but in the meantime… please pass on your advice!

On a brighter note… thanks again for all the support of the regulars and not so regular visitors. I know if I stop blogging I will miss you all so I’ve sort of answered my own questions! As for the red-letter day… the photo inspired that bit… it was taken on Saturday evening at our work post-Christmas function. Fantastic evening again, like last year at Dublin’s Guinness Storehouse. If you’re ever in town… make a point of a visit… it’s well worth the experience, even if it is a very touristy thing to do!

Red letter ride? Guinness Storehouse, Dublin, Ireland

Riding the escalators… up or down? Like the see-saw stats!!

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7 Responses to Should I? Red-Letter Day?

  1. Sallyann says:

    My stats have dropped too. But hey ho, at the end of the day, I blog for me… and anything else is a bonus. 🙂


  2. rjmackin says:

    As the song says… “Baby please don’t go”! I know it can be hard sometimes. There are weeks when you feel uninspired or just couldn’t be bothered and other days when you feel like you’re just talking to yourself… but don’t lose sight of the reason you started the blog in the first place… I’m sure it’s because you have something to say… and we for one enjoy reading it!


    • aj vosse says:

      Thank you kindly! Yes, I keep going because I feel if I can have a smile passed on every day then I’ve made someone else a little happier. I do enjoy the friendships and that will be the biggest loss if I should stop. For now, I’ll keep going and once again, thanks for riding along… 😀

      On 20 January 2015 at 08:31, Ouch!! My back hurts!! wrote:



  3. The Rider says:

    Ek sukkel ook self baie op die oomblik om aan die gang te bly. Maar ek vat dit maar rustig, dalk kom die inspirasie weer… Sal jou mis as jy heeltemal ophou!


    • aj vosse says:

      So sukkel ons saam!! Nee, ek sal seker nooit heeltemal ophou nie en om die waarheid the praat… ek wil nie rerig my “Record” breek nie!! Diet meen weereens… so sukkel ons saam, ek en jy! 😉

      On 20 January 2015 at 06:25, Ouch!! My back hurts!! wrote:



  4. de Wets Wild says:

    Ons sal jou regtig mis AJ, hoop jy sal besluit om nog sommer nog lank aan te hou.

    Ek het gesien terwyl ons weg was met vakansie, al pos ek elke dag, het ons stats ook geval. Terug by die huis, al pos ek minder, klim die stats! Al verduideliking wat ek daarvoor kan gee is dat ek nie ander se blogs gelees, gecomment en gelike het terwyl ek weg was nie – die sein was net te goor – maar toe ek terugkom kon ek weer elke dag n tydjie opsysit om bietjie te kyk wat die ouens wie se blogs ek volg aanvang en wie het wat gepost in die photo challenges. Lyk my daai e-possie wat iemand kry om te se jy’t hul post gelike of kommentaar daarop gelewer is wonderlike aas!


    • aj vosse says:

      Dankie vir julle ondersteuning en goeie worde!! Ek stem saam, lyk my mens moet kuier on mense te lok!! Ek sal aanhou vir nou maar ek moet dalk terug gaan skool toe en dan gaan dit meer tyd van bloggery steel!! 😉

      2015-01-20 2:38 GMT+00:00 Ouch!! My back hurts!! :



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