The Drip?

Hey ma… you got a nose wipe for me… please, ma?? I’ve got a wee dose of the runs…

Drip drip... drop!

The same cygnet featured yesterday… taken a day later in the same area so I presume it’s the same bird. I stood watching him feed below water… the long neck almost hidden but he had to surface for a bit of air every once in a while…

Have a great week… January is gone… soon it will be mid-month and you know what happens then… the retailers have created a day to play on our emotions and suck more money from our pockets. I hope you don’t fall for it too hard!!


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2 Responses to The Drip?

  1. Sallyann says:

    Retail does rather push these events doesn’t it, but I wonder, as I count down events in my night shift to get closer to morning ; lunch time, then teabreak – 3 hours left, early stock control staff arrive – 2 hours. Daytime checkouts open – 1 hour…. I wonder if people use these events to count down to better ones. For instance, if all goes well in our grand scheme of life the universe and everything, we should have just two more Christmases in our present location and the third one will be celebrated in Weymouth. 🙂

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