Fish scale? Scale the slopes? Weighing scale? Look up the word “scale” and you could likely have enough to keep you posting for a week or more. However, this week’s challenge is more in line with the physical scale of things. Place something small in the correct spot and it looks big and vise-versa… get your focus in the foreground and the cars or people in the distance look tiny.

The photo sort of said to me it fitted the bill. Tilted camera angle seems to throw off the scale of the event. Folk travelling up the elevator… their size seems affected by the slope and the glass, box shape surrounding the mobile stairs. Or, is it just the ascending stairs impacting the illusion? Who knows? Maybe I’ve missed the plot… but that won’t be a first either!

Scale those heights? Up the elevator at Connolly Station...

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4 Responses to Scale

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  3. The angle adds a lot.



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