I’m late with this week’s travel theme. There are a few reasons but basically Ailsa was a bit late in posting her challenge so I’ve been tardy in posting my response. However, this particular photo has its own tale to tell. A pic over at de Wet Wild prompted me to show off my heron.

This photo was one of about 30 I took of this heron. Seems to me the heron has chewing gum or something similar stuck to his bill… the result of pollution? Mind you, that’s not really the detail I want to tell you about. You see, these days I dread taking out the Sigma 170/500 lens. Why? Simply because I’m not good enough to use the lens with my camera.

The reason? The two aren’t really compatible as my camera can’t drive the lens’ auto focus motor. Basically, my camera is too light for the big boy. Why, I hear you ask, did you buy the lens in the first place? Because I got it for such a good price I would have been stupid not to! Also, the day will come when I can get a full frame that will make much better use of the lens.

OK, back to the detail of the photo. Every once in a while I do get an almost perfect photo, as in this case. The bird is staring me right in the eye as the breeze lightly ruffles the feathers…

“Whadda you want mister?” That’s the detail I seem to gather from that look!

i spy with my little eye!! Grey heron on the Dodder in mid Dublin...

By the way, happy Monday. If you’re looking for something great to get you through the day a little easier you can do a lot worse than visiting the de Wets Wild blog. They show southern Africa’s stunning diversity beautifully!


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10 Responses to Details!

  1. de Wets Wild says:

    Fantastiese foto AJ! Is dit mis op sy snawel?

    Baie dankie vir die ondersteuning hoor, ons waardeer dit opreg!


  2. There are a couple the gray ones coming to the patch of deep green grass in front of my window. One sometimes follows me to the ocean. Blue crane I thought but maybe your heron…


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